Your Spring Outfit Inspo: 2021 Spring Fashion Trends

  • by Kirstie Kenton
2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Happy March! Springtime is coming soon! March 20th marks the Spring Equinox, to be exact.

It's a time of year that brings back special memories for me, personally. My husband and I were married on March 26th on a beautiful Spring day in Topanga, CA. This year, we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage. I can't wait to wear some of the Spring trends discussed in this blog on our central coast wine country getaway coming up later this month!

Now, Spring is the time of year where the weather is getting warmer and hemlines are getting shorter. It’s the pre-summer season where we're ready to shed the winter coats, show a little more skin, put on some lightweight fabric and over accessorize with hats, shades, jewelry, handbags, fashion scarfs, and more. 

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

First, what trends can we expect to see a lot of this Spring? Since we've all been spending more time indoors, it's a little daunting to predict what everyone will be wearing when we emerge from our winter caves.

Well, I took the time to do a little research and here are the trends I found floating around on the biggest fashion sites.

  • Floral prints (that’s a given!)
  • Black face masks (like in the super chic looks rocked by Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama on Inauguration day)
  • Knitwear like rib knits and french terry cotton
  • Collared dresses 
  • Frilly silhouettes and puff sleeves
  • Embroidered Blouses
  • Long Knit Cardigans
  • Silk dresses
  • Lightweight blazers

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

  • Cutouts (strategically placed to show off your best assets)
  • Wide leg trousers
  • Fashion bras and bralettes
  • Feathers
  • Head scarfs
  • Anything pastel
  • The color yellow
  • Gold chain statement jewelry
  • Pearls
  • Fringed bags (yup, the Coachella bags have made their comeback)

Now, I know that’s a long list and figuring out where to buy the latest trends can be time consuming. No worries! Curated for Equality has some of the trendiest fashion and jewelry pieces that you can easily put together to create the perfect Spring outfit.

2021 Spring Outfit Trends with Lace

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

First up is our Lacey Tee. Take a walk on the Femme side with this perfectly cropped tee that sits just above your natural waistline. 

The lace details are perfect for S

Spring and adds that feminine and frill touch. Don’t let the lace fool you though -- the Lacey Tee isn’t see-through, and it’s made of a thick cotton rib with a slight stretch that holds you in all the right places.

Not only do we love the Lacey Tee but we love the designers behind the brand, Lovefool, even more.

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Lovefool was founded by two best friends, Trixie & Lalene, who were over and underwhelmed by the process of shopping and wanted to create a community for women to shop without feeling like they needed to change themselves.

As founders, they felt that other clothing brands prey on women’s insecurities by offering too much of what they don’t need and failing to ask women what they do need. 

The cool part? Before diving into their design process, they surveyed a diverse group of different women about their struggles in getting dressed. The result is a curated collection of adjust-to-fit pieces that are effortless, versatile, and timeless

Learn more about Trixie & Lalene and their fashion brand, Lovefool

French Terry Spring Outfit Trends

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Next up is our Easy French Terry Sweat Shorts and Oversized French Terry Cardigan

…and yes, the shorts and cardigan have pockets! You know we love a pocket!

These shorts will be a perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe, especially if you live in hot and humid climates.

French Terry fabric is light-weight, yet moisture-wicking and absorbent so it will be super comfy to wear in hotter weather. 

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

These shorts are also perfect to pair with our over-sized French terry cardigan to create that effortless “work-from-home” look that layers perfectly over a graphic tee or basic tank.

Speaking of effortless -- the designers behind the Easy French Terry Sweat Shorts believe in effortless and consciousness manufacturing. 

A mother-daughter team, Betty and Sylvia, are the women behind these shorts and the NLT brand. They believe that there is more to a garment than just looks. What we love about NLT is that 90% of their clothes are ethically made and cut-to-order in their factory right in our backyard, Downtown Los Angeles. 

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Their brand is known for its laid-back silhouettes and basics that you can count on without thinking twice! NLT’s motto is, “clothes should be made to be worn easily, to make your everyday more enjoyable.”

Their goal is to make every garment make sense for everyday wear. Learn more about Betty and Slyvia from NLT.

Jewelry Inspiration for Spring Inspired Outfits

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Now, let’s talk about the perfect Spring accessories to complete your outfit.

Let me introduce you to one of my favorites - the Zion Earrings by Jam + Rico. The maker of these Gold (brass with 14k gold plated) earrings was inspired by the beautiful sun rays she saw on a visit to Aruba. 

Speaking of inspiration - we are so inspired by the Jam + Rico's female founder, Lisette Scott.

Lisette always felt a strong connection between her Jamaican and Puerto Rican culture. Growing up, Lisette recalls the most prominent connections to her ancestry being the food and music in her home.

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

Once Lisette got older and was able to travel to both islands, the fascination and love of her heritage grew even stronger. The colors, carnivals, art, beaches and language all inspired her to create and design the pieces you see behind Jam + Rico.

Find out more about the brand Jam + Rico, who was recently featured in Vogue.

Another gold fashion jewelry trend we are loving is chunky, 80's inspired gold chains, like our Cienaga Bracelet.

This chunky gold bracelet will make a Spring outfit fashion statement, especially paired with any of the clothing pieces we mentioned earlier. 

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

The brand behind the Cienaga Bracelet is Petit Moments. Petit Moments is an emerging woman owned brand from Los Angeles, CA. 

They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through clothes and accessories without being discouraged by a price tag.

Their mission is simple; they want to encourage their community to enjoy every moment that life has to offer. Find out more about Petit Moments.

What was your favorite Spring Inspired Outfit Trend?

2021 Spring Outfit Inspo Trends

I hope you found many ideas to inspire your Spring outfits this season. Make sure to check out our other clothing and accessories!

Curious, what was your favorite Spring outfit trend we shared? Comment down below! Posted a picture in one of our Spring items? Tag us! We’d love to see and share how you styled it.

We love the women we support on Curated for Equality and if you have a fashion or jewelry business that has a strong connection to what you stand for or support, reach out to me! We’d love to see how we can feature your pieces.


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