What you need to know about TX SB8

by Kirstie Kenton on

What does the Texas abortion law do? The “fetal heartbeat bill” (Texas law SB8) bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks of pregnancy...

A Quick Guide to Ethical Fashion: What is Sustainably Made Clothing?

by Kirstie Kenton on

Sustainability. Once a niche market industry now, an actual fashion trend. Gone are the days where sustainable fashion meant luxury or lack of accessibility to average income shoppers....

Venture Capital Funding and Female Entrepreneurship: Advancing Gender Equality

by Kirstie Kenton on

It’s a known fact that there is a bias between venture capital funding and female entrepreneurship. Learn how you can earn what you deserve with venture capital funding...

Your Spring Outfit Inspo: 2021 Spring Fashion Trends

by Kirstie Kenton on

We pride ourselves on staying on top of industry trends, so that by the time the trend is popular, our products reflect the latest in style. So let's...

Bridging the Gender Wealth Gap

by Kirstie Kenton on

Introduction Hello! My name is Kirstie, I am the founder of Curated for Equality. CFE was designed to showcase independent female founded brands, with the goal to give...

How I made myself whole in an impossible year.

by Kirstie Kenton on

I shared this poem from the brilliant Cleo Wade in my Instagram stories yesterday. Her words spoke to me and I hadn’t analyzed why - I just shared...